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Pete Gall

A 20-year veteran in the branding world. He is author or co-author of 20 books, wrote campaigns for the world’s three largest advertising conglomerates, and served as the sole writer, primary account lead, and chief brand strategist for what is now Studio Science from 2010 through 2013 before pivoting into other opportunities when his daughter was born. His clients range from several big pharmaceutical companies, General Motors, Coke, Groupon, and Angie’s List to dozens of nonprofits and startups with a particular focus on high growth B2B SaaS.


Josh Colter

A framework geek with a track record of success applying science to sales, marketing, product, and culture. He was part of ExactTarget’s early growth, moved to be the second man at a small startup that exited well in 2016, and then spent three years leading product marketing and innovation as he dove deep into the science of employee engagement and culture building at Emplify.



Seasoned enterprise salesman, coach, and host of the SalesTuners podcast, Jim is also a Marine who just returned from a year-long trip around with world with his wife and son.