Business Discipline: Sales

Clear value, strong teaching points, and stories told well.


Sales people are experts in covering the “last mile” of a buyer’s journey. But few are experts in choosing the best road. Your brand defines your sale.

Your brand is you. It’s how you see the world, what you stand for, how you show up, and how you deliver value for your customer. Your brand needs to be its sharpest in sales conversations.

While our clients span the gamut of markets and business types, our deepest experience is in complex B2B buying contexts. We’re big fans of the Challenger Sale model, where a key to success is teaching for differentiation and equipping a few “champions” to influence a team/consensus decision-making process.

You have to be clear about your value and the way you express it, but you also have to have a way of showing how your approach and your solution is bigger, better, and often contrary to what your buyers consider normal.

Whether the specifics of your brand’s sales story pivot around innovation, a different approach, a bigger paradigm, or something else, the first step is knowing the truth about who you are, what you represent, and how your customer is going to experience you after they decide to buy.

Sales is just the start of the relationship, after all.

We’ll help you develop and manage: your true value proposition, tradeoffs, positioning, the core story you pull everything back to, key data points and your suggested best practices for measuring success in your industry, and four or five core teaching points you’ll work into your case studies when presenting to your prospects.

We also do translation and debrief work with agencies, other departments, and your leadership team to make sure the “command intent” of our reports can be translated into smart, effective action by your team.

Give us a call and we’ll work with you to figure out where to start and the specifics of the results we can help you achieve.