Business Discipline: Product/Service

The experience is the product, and the product is the brand.


The best product doesn’t alway win. What wins is the experience your product delivers. Your brand defines the light by which your experience is measured.

You’ve probably heard the old bromide “the world doesn’t want drill bits - it wants holes.” For people who are focused on designing a great product or service, this can be one of the most challenging truths.

You still have to be passionate and radically focused on creating the most amazing, smartest, effective drill bits possible. You have to know your competition and you have to produce a better result. But almost none of your buyers will ever care half as much about the details as you do. And if you’re doing your job well, they shouldn’t have to.

You have to be able to think in terms of MVPs and incremental improvement. You have to be precise and accurate. If you slide into marketing speak (not that you ever would … shy of far too many beers), all is lost.

But you do have to know what will live outside the lab. Outside your expert perspective and your necessarily narrow focus. You have to know and remain committed to remembering what constitutes “hole” your product is valued for making in your buyer’s world.

It’s hard work that often feels like pearls to swine. We know. But if you do your work well, you can produce amazing results for yourself and for your customers with your expertise. We can help you build and be heard.

We’ll help you define and manage: a clear summary of the reality your customers are facing and your take on what they “should” do; your true value proposition and smart tradeoffs; positioning; the core big idea you pull everything back to; and your ten most critical customer experience stories around which you’re building and against which you’re measuring and mapping your product development.

We also do translation and debrief work with agencies, other departments, and your leadership team to make sure the “command intent” of our reports can be translated into smart, effective action by your team.

Give us a call and we’ll work with you to figure out where to start and the specifics of the results we can help you achieve.