We Help CEOs Tell Better Stories

“The CEO is the link between the Inside that is ‘the organization,’ and the Outside of society, economy, technology, markets, and customers.”

~ Peter Drucker


Tell Better Stories

The difference between a president and a CEO is the ability to live in (and live out) your company’s story, as opposed to living in the hand-to-hand realities of daily operations. Until your company has a CEO of this type, there’s only so much strong departmental leaders can accomplish, and there’s only so much your business can hope to achieve. We make CEOs stronger by helping to uncover, codify, express, and manage to their brand story.


The Overarching Story of Your Business

This is our bread and butter. We’ll produce an in-depth argument concerning your business future and the choices ahead of you as viewed through the lenses of: (1) the market, (2) your customer, (3) your company, and (4) the experiences between your customer and your company in light of the market.

You will be better able to address and lead four key audiences with this report: (1) your board, (2) your employees, (3) your customer, and (4) partners and market observers.

You will bring an even stronger holistic perspective to the ways you lead departments and evaluate their work. You will be better able to navigate the competitive landscape both offensively and defensively. You will gain additional clarity into where your operation is running well, where value is bleeding, and how you show up throughout the organization. You will also enjoy an improved view into your cultural standards and new ways to add meaning to the work your team pursues.

Your Brandlines story and our rationale concerning the futures we contend are available to you are supported by 15-20 specific reports, delivered in presentation and appendix form, each of which is worth its own consideration and will reveal specific insights we can discuss with you and from which you can lead your team.

The Brandlines story is a finished deliverable in its own right, but few things are more frustrating than a binder full of ideas and homework that nobody else can turn into results. We offer expert help and resources in every area we evaluate for you, but our focus is on your results, so we are just as happy to help make your existing preferred providers stronger.

Your Personal Platform as Brand Complement

This is where it gets fun. In healthy organizations, the CEO (or some other “lead singer”) plays a critical role interacting with the market and also translating the market back to the company through the lens of the CEO’s perspectives.

But not every CEO is wired to play the same public role. And the best CEOs find ways not just to beat the brand’s drum, but to steer a broader community conversation in directions that are both meaningful beyond transactions and useful for aligning people and the brand.

We’ll help you get clear about what matters enough to you that you’ll gladly speak to it from passion. We’ll help you nest that passion alongside your brand’s position and platform in ways that feel consistent and honest to you, to your team, and to the market so that you’re talking about things that ring true and are what people would expect from you.

We can work with your team, or we can work as a line item expense that doesn’t create any personnel burden for your operation. We collaborate on books, keynote talks, thought leadership content, and content we atomize for use across social media or on the microsites we can build for you.

We partner with the great people at Share Your Genius to produce amazing results with podcasts, too. SYG is a full service podcast production company that understands business stories and will handle all of the production, marketing, guest booking (and getting you booked elsewhere) and brand market integration work for you, again sparing your personnel the time and energy they can otherwise use on your core brand.

Monkey’s Paw Offer

Our practice is built to bring a heavy load of complex data together, and to make sense of it by means of a beautiful but complex framework. That’s a lot to ask you to buy into from scratch.

The good news is that your story is already being expressed in a variety of ways, and while we won’t be able to do a very deep dive with a small sample, we can show you how we think by offering tear-down feedback on your website, your sales presentation, or your investor pitch deck.

Shoot us an email and we’ll take a look at the sample of your choice. We can usually turn around a report within a few days, and the $2500 you’ll pay can be fully credited to either a Brandlines Story or Personal Platform project.

Short Stories

For specific needs, questions, challenges, and opportunities the CEO encounters, or for department leaders thinking beyond their “silos,” we have quite a few ways we can help in an a la carte fashion.

If it’s about your brand and message, sales process, marketing assumptions, persona development, product validation, win-loss analysis, competitive research, customer experience understanding, foundational creative services (as opposed to advertising or driving marketing campaigns), we can help.

If you’re looking to learn about applying more complete story structure in a real business context, we’re in.

And if you have ideas for books, podcasts, keynote addresses, or investor presentations, please get in touch.