Business Discipline: Marketing

Make their problem or opportunity matter enough to address well.


Marketing is conversation management aimed at matching needs with products. But many marketers just make noise. Your brand defines your conversations.

There’s no question that marketing is the most grueling, second-guessed, cynicism-tempted, tech-crutch hobbled, gauntlet Machiavelli ever celebrated. It’s just hard.

But before empathy and passion get beaten down to “content” and base metrics, marketing is a sacred story about what people are doing with their lives and inviting other people to consider doing with their lives.

You may not have ever thought of this way, but whatever you’re doing with your days is, by definition, what you’re doing with your life. When a company can’t answer, for itself or for its customers, why it’s a good idea to give a portion of your life to the brand or the cause for which the brand exists, that brand is inherently underperforming.

We’ll help you get clear again about what matters to your brand (and to you), how to find conversations related to those things in the world, and then how to engage those conversations in ways that add value to everyone who chooses to care about what you choose to care about.

And then you’ll have the chance to make a difference among people who matter to you, and to your brand.

We’ll help you define and manage: your perspective on your industry and the problem/opportunity your customers are really facing; your true value proposition and smart tradeoffs; positioning; the core story you pull everything back to; key data points and your suggested best practices for measuring success in your industry; and the ten most critical conversations for you to engage and where you’ll want to steer them.

We also do translation and debrief work with agencies, other departments, and your leadership team to make sure the “command intent” of our reports can be translated into smart, effective action by your team.

Give us a call and we’ll work with you to figure out where to start and the specifics of the results we can help you achieve.