How we see Branding

Be you, on purpose, everywhere.


Branding is not a business discipline. It is a soulish engine that lives at the hub of a wagon wheel of actual business disciplines. Brand is where your vision, your heart, and your identity live. It’s where the fuel for everything else you do refills and gets passed along.

Your brand is you. Some of how you show up is explicit, some implicit, and some an accident of things you didn’t intend to communicate (but communicated anyway).

Your brand is what determines which version of you and of your team arrives home each night, because your brand is the summary of what you believe and how those beliefs get lived out.

But in more immediate terms, your brand is the leverage you either own or ignore as you go about your business.

All of the real business disciplines – like sales, marketing, public relations, product, support, recruiting, culture development, finance, and operations – draw from your brand value to achieve their specific objectives.

Your choice is either to “own” and fill your brand so it can feed your business, or to watch business disciplines consume your brand and devour the value of the whole in pursuit of the narrow or short-term objectives of each discipline.

Again, your brand is you. To the extent that you can define who you are as a company, and bring everything you do into alignment with that identity, you are likely to achieve good results. To the extent that you fall short on this consistency, you will experience business bleed.

You’ve seen this a thousand times (from businesses other than your own, certainly). Marketing, sales, and your experience as a customer don’t line up, and you feel ripped off.

Or you get involved with an organization only to realize they’re far from who they told you they were.

What’s missing is brand vision, or command intent, or a purpose that is so large and compelling that it drags everything else along.

This is the core of what we do. A set of interviews, a discipline-specific set of research efforts, and a process of reporting and defining what you’re after, and ongoing coaching from a seasoned brand expert in tandem with a discipline expert.

The first phase takes a few weeks, and will give your team clarity and next steps that will pay off for years. From there, you can either run on your own, or we’ll help you as you go.