Business Discipline: Culture

The source, and destination, to which your business directs people.


You have a corporate culture. It’s either something you’ve built carefully, or it’s the leak you’ve been ignoring. Your brand defines how stable your business is.

Think about the average guy from the office, maybe from IT, with an even temperament, two young kids, and bit of co-dependent tendency. Which version of that guy steps out of his car when his kids greet him after a day spent working in your culture?

How does interacting with your brand influence the way your customers think about the world? Do you teach them to see the good, or the grind?

Whatever you’re doing with your days is, by definition, what you’re doing with your life. If your brand can’t express to your people or to your customers why following you is a good thing to do with a portion of their lives, you’re asking them to trade their life cheap, and your brand is inherently underperforming (because people who don’t care don’t work as hard and will demand more mercenary forms of recompense).

We will help you get very clear about why your work matters and why people should respond to your invitations.

And maybe just as importantly, we’ll help you translate the truth of your brand to internal and external audiences who struggle to see the value of the human dimensions of business.

We’ll help you define and manage: your internal vision as it maps to your market value proposition and tradeoffs; positioning as defined by either internal or recruiting focuses; the core story you pull everything back to; key data points and why you believe what you do about the approach you take to business; and four or five core teaching areas where you’ll focus as you build and leverage your corporate culture.

We also do translation and debrief work with agencies, other departments, and your leadership team to make sure the “command intent” of our reports can be translated into smart, effective action by your team.

Give us a call and we’ll work with you to figure out where to start and the specifics of the results we can help you achieve.