Brand Lines

Grown up to Grown up

Our Business Approach


We’re not an agency. We’re a small group of specialists who’ve worked together in various capacities and combinations for years on quite a few remarkable brands. We each have our own practices, and we come together as you need. There is no “B Team” and there is no junior staff learning on your dime. The dollars you spend with us will make every dollar you spend downstream more efficient and more impactful.



We’ve made certain promises.


We’ve had the greatest success with people who know what “heavy is the head that wears the crown” feels like.

People who know what it is to lay in bed knowing that their decisions will influence families, and who let that burden smack them awake to a bigger life.

Those people want action, and they know they need a clear plan.

They also balance the need for immediate results with results that will stand the test of time, so they build well.

We work well with people who believe in something, who are committed to a way of living, and who know that the smarter they are when they’re working, the better the results they’ll enjoy everywhere.

If you’ve made promises like that, to yourself, your family, and your team, you’re our kind of people.

And we’d love to help amplify your success.

Each member of our team is a seasoned, proven leader in their discipline, able to spot patterns and prescribe right paths quickly.

That comes with two important tradeoffs. The first is that we don’t scale very well, which means we may not be immediately available (you should still call so we can figure it out together). The second is that we’re often not the most economical option for ongoing services (we can usually help you find less expensive agency options if you have someone on your team who can manage those relationships).

But there are very few alternatives where the first impact is as easy for you, or worth as much.


“The average day with Pete is worth about $250k to our bottom line. So we talk about everything and always open more topics than we close.”

- ARI VIDALI, CEO Envisage TEchnologies


We focus on packing a punch because we care about leaving a mark. 


Pete, Christine, Mira, and HEnry Gall

Pete Gall is the brand strategy lead.

I left a fantastic job leading what is arguably the strongest brand and design firm in the tech space in 2013, a few months after my daughter was born.

When she arrived, every hour I wasn’t home had to defend itself in a new way, and work lost.

More specifically, time spent in meetings, on “run rate” work, or with people who weren’t similarly focused on the life value trades they were making … that’s what lost.

What won was the important stuff – in my case and in the lives of the other specialists you’ll meet as you work with Brand Lines. We’ve put in the time to be able to add value in very high level, very impactful places. That’s where we focus, and we are aggressive about doing excellent work in a targeted and efficient manner.

When we’re finished, you’ll have the ability to give clear direction to other teams who will be thrilled that you arrive with the ability to tell them exactly what you need them to do. Every person in our little network has worked in agency settings and client-side settings, and our deliverables are built to cut through the most inefficient (because it’s hard and complex work) portions of the process.

Every downstream vendor you engage will be more efficient because of what you’ll accomplish with us.

That promise made, you know what you accomplish at work is bigger than the business success you enjoy.

The versions yourself and of your team that go home to their families or out into the world are absolutely influenced by the cultures and principles with which they mingle during their workdays.

Addressing those principles, and building vision that’s strong enough to carry teams and families, is central to the operational success you’ll enjoy. It’s also critical to building a meaningful legacy for yourself, your team, and your product.

We will help your team refine its passion and find greater meaning in everything you do together.

That’s what we’re dedicated to doing, very well, for people who are ready for us. Time’s too short for anything else.


Because you lead at home, too.