We Help CEOs Tell Better Stories

There are rules to crafting a company’s success story. 


We mix Harvard’s research models with Hollywood’s story methods to generate:


Clear Product-Market Fit

  • Product audits

  • Pricing validation

  • Win-loss analysis

  • Market research

  • Competitive targeting

  • Exit planning

Compelling Brand Stories

  • Core messaging

  • True brand strategy

  • Sales kits & coaching

  • Marketing plans

  • Culture design

  • CX/support kits

CEO Platforms

  • Books & videos

  • Keynote presentations

  • Turnkey podcasts & events

  • Staff & peer retreats

  • PR & affiliation coaching

  • Investor pitch decks


We create value through smarter applied stories.

  • More inbound opportunities

  • Increased audience receptivity to marketing

  • More efficient sales cycles

  • Lower customer acquisition costs

  • Higher average contract value

  • Greater customer retention

  • Better product roadmap

  • Improved corporate agility

  • Superior/less expensive talent acquisition/retention

  • Stronger channel partnerships

  • Increased leadership voice in the market

  • Enhanced managerial effectiveness

  • Smarter Acquisitions

  • Superior exits


The right story creates barriers to competition.

Your story is not your marketing. Your story is the interweaving of how you show up in the market (both your offering and valuation of your entire business), how you know and understand your customer, the health and alignment of your employees and investors, and the experience you shape and manage with your customers. These are the four key brandlines that make your story work, and successful businesses own their stories so effectively that they pull away from competitors while building barriers to competition altogether.


Your business will either build to a happy conclusion – or it will bleed a lagging path.

The difference is the quality of the story you choose to live.